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The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian
braiding sweetgrass
Giving thanks : a Native American good morning message
Thirteen moons on turtle
The Earth shall weep : a history of Native America
The story of Blue Elk
Houses of bark : tipi, wigwam and longhouse : native dwellings : wo
Return of the sun : native American tales from the Northeast woodl
Rising voices : writings of young Native Americans
A young people
Do all Indians live in tipis? : questions and answers
A people
Bury my heart at Wounded Knee an Indian history of the American West
An Indian winter
Barkskins a novel
Water sky
Knots on a counting rope
American nations : a history of the eleven rival regional cultures o
Mother Earth, Father Sky : Native American myth
The World of the American Indian.
Fire race : a Karuk coyote tale about how fire came to the people
The life and death of Crazy Horse
The North American Indians :
Counting coup : becoming a Crow chief on the Reservation and be
North American Indian
The arrow over the door
Eagle Feather
The Trail of Tears
Empire of the summer moon : Quanah Parker and the rise and fa
A picture book of Sacagawea
The legend of the old man of the mountain
1621 : a new look at Thanksgiving
Indians of the Eastern Woodlands
North American Indian Sign Language